Bace je lahh..

.......Two best friends walking on the beach.A boy,and A girl(they're not together). As they enjoying the view, suddenly........

B:"Hey, u know what? ever since I know u,I think u are beautiful,kind,smart......."
G:"Uhh? Whats up with u? Are u high or something?
B:"No!I'm not."
G:"Then, why r u acting weird?"
B:"I'm just saying."
G:"U're weird"
B:"Well, even I'm weird I'm still ur friend. Rite?"
G:"Uhh, yeah.sure."
B:"yeah, thats my girl"
G:"Haha,yeah. Ur girl."
B:"ohh,I'm sorry.I mean, Thats my friend! hehe."
G:"No,I am ur girl.Idiot."
B:"You know what, I think u have problem with ur attitude"
G:"Ohh,I'm sorry.Did I hurt ur feelings?"
B:"yeah, kinda."
G:"Awwh!Well, who cares?!"
G:"Come here, u egg head! I Love u, u know that right."
B:"yeah, I know."
G:"Good, so lets get some ice-cream."
B:"Ok, ur treat."
G:"Uhh, fine. But u have to admit that u're an ugly ass boy"
G:"well, u want ice-cream or not?"
B:"Fine! I'm ugly ass boy"
G:"HAHAHAHAHA!Thanx dude!"
B:"yeah, whatever"
G:"I am so lucky to have u"
B:"Yeah, I know. So do I"
G:"You know we're gonna be friends like forever,rite?"
B:"Of coz! R u kidding me?I would die if we're not."
G:"Yeah,I know.Neither do I."
......They both walking together on the beach towards the ice-cream guy with laughter joys them.

*P/S: seriously, I have no idea why the hell I wrote this post. Haha, tahpape kan? yeah, I know. Sape suruh bace kalau tahpape? BOO-OO! hehe, just kidding. Well, thanx for reading btw.