The last Night. :')

Ok, Its 1.37 am. And I'm still up. You wanna know why? So this is why. My sister Fatin, n I went to the kitchen and we ate cupcakes. Its so good,Seriously. Well, my best friend gave me the cupcakes. She baked.OMG!Nurul Shahira Nabila does know how to bake,People!And the result is so good.Sedap kot die buat. Ok, basically im still up because tonight is the last night for me to have some L.O.L with Fatin. She's going back to Moscow tomorrow(wed, 1 sept). It has been about 2 months since she got back from Moscow for her summer holiday.
What we did tonight:
* Ate cupcakes.
* L.O.L with each other.
* Drank some sirap.
* Have a chat with our dad.
* Pakai kan Fatin inai.
* Kena marah dgn Kak Win. :D HA-HA

So, here some of the pictures that i captured during the last L.O.L night. Ohh, and we did laugh every single time we spoke or talk about something. Well,laughing is an exercise to decrease the stress yg kite alami. Just FYI, to those who think we are crazy for laughing all the time without any particular reasons. Ohh,here it is........

From the top : Pkai kan fatin inai, Daddy minum air sambil borak dgn kami, Sirap yg dituang oleh Fatin Rezal, Cupcakes before n after a bite. :D

Hehe, Thanx guys for baca my boring story. Layan je laa, kann? :) ILY.

Justin Bieber Funny Vid.

Watch this! This is so cute and funny. Justin Bieber, I might say I love you because of this video, but i suppose there's millions of girls already said the same thing to you but they've been ignored.So I dont want to say that I love you,but I really do adore You.And Ur songs are damn good.Love it.Btw, at the end of this video u'll see the giggle of JUSTIN BIEBER!OMG,the beliebers,i know u'll die if u sees that part.So so so cute. Yeah,so mainly i just want to share with all of you(the beliebers)this video.But if some of u already watched this video,then never mind,U can watch it again. Enjoy! ILY :)


HYE! Today I dont know what to talk about. So, sje post just to say nothing.And and,Happy 53 years of Merdeka. I LOVE YOU MALAYSIA! *and i love my guitar brownbee.He's handsome. :)

L.O.L with my sistahh..

00:30, Location: Home Kitchen. Date: 27 aug 2010. Day: Friday(Thank God Its Friday)
Reasons: We ate hotdogs in the middle of the night. The situation is so boring. Suddenly,tak tau knp kami berdua gelak. And then we stopped. And then we laugh again. About 15 minutes we did the same thing. I drank apple juice,Fatin drank sirap. We were making soo much noise till Kak win shouted " Gek tidurr tin, nah..tutup lampu nehh.." and we were like, "chill lah kak win, malam masih muda." chee.. And we look at each other face, then we laugh again, This time even harder we laugh. Seriously, Tk tau knp. Sampai menangis ha,gelak. Then, Fatin told me some stories. I cant remember whats the story about, HA-HA. Then, We laugh again. About a few minutes after that, we stopped.This time no more laughing. Than we switch off the lights and everything. And we went into our room. THE END.
P/S: this is long story shorted.


Hye guys! This is the only exception cover that I made.Seperti biasa, terima kasih kpd Nurul Shahira Nabila for recorded this video. Ohh,btw the ending of this song is kinda hard for me to sing,so i skipped a few line of the lyrics. Hee, sorry. Enjoy then, :) ohh, and this song farhan my lil brother ajar how to play it.thanx baby bother ILY :D

Girl and Boy.



B: "Take a deep breath, this might be your last time to hold me in your arms, to look me in the eye, to touch me with your lips, to hear me in ur voice, to read me with ur mind..."

G: "But, saying I LOVE YOU is not the last time I would say to you..."

*just popped-out in my head. saje post,hee.. ILY! :)"

Chipettes ... Prank call :D

This so cute and funny! Wait till the part she laugh and she sing. I think she sang but im not sure.Or maybe she rapped,haha. Btw,this is Caitlin Beadles. JB's ex. :) enjoy!


Thanx To Nurul Shahira Nabila for helping me record this video.ILY HA-HA,look at my face. muka feel gila! Ohh, before you guys watch this, please ignore the first few seconds. I look like an idiot. Actually, trying to be cool.But obviously tak menjadi.. anyways, enjoy. And Thank you! :)


I like you! So this is what happened. This guy, I like him. But its kinda weird because of some reasons,lah kan. You dont need to know. Die handsomme.Tetapi,kata org die ni playboy. His name is ehhem, born on ehhem ehhem, study at ehhem ehhem ehhem. Of coz all the ehhemm's u dont need to know lah. Just trying to make a joke,tp tk jd. I know!So back to the story,, This guy is really,truly,deeply kind.I mean like inside and out.I think he never meant to be a playboy.But he's a guy,of coz la playboy.(I understand..) At first, tk ske pon mamat ni. But after a while, in the middle of nowhere my heart was like,"Dude!You're so cute.I like you,I like you!" HA-HA. So stupid.
So, yeahh! I like you. Dahh,byebye. Ohh, btw he's wayy older than me. eh,not that old.But he's older lah. hehe.. READ THIS: I like You. Not you but the guy in this story. :)

Stop it, Before you get Stupid.

You talk too much. You think you're cool enough to judge people. You think other people are annoying to you. You feel like all the rules must proved by you. You make your own rules without people's opinion. The way you walk, you think you're tall enough to step on people's head. The way you bossing people around make me wanna puke on ur ugly face. You never say sorry if you make mistakes to other people. You never say thank u every single time people helped you solved ur stupid problem. Come on, dont be like this. I know u're better than this. I know deep down inside u are a wonderful,kind, yet loving person. So, let it show. Dont show the ugly side of you. People wouldn't want that. Think before you act. Dont make yourself look like a dippy. Make a change to yourself. Please, seriously! If you don't want to, and thats fine to me. But you will not go far. And if people starts to hate you, dont blame me. Think for yourself.


I'm talking. "Bla,bla,bla,blaa.." then you go like. "dont care,dont care,dont care".

Sometimes, things that come out from peoples mouth's matter, idiots! You have to give them some time. Dont act like a selfish crap who put a gum in their ears. Stupid. Let people give u some opinion.If u dont like it just refuse gently. Yea,they just trying to help u out by giving their opinion. Dont think that only your feeling thats matter.WRONG! Everyone's feeling also matter. Yet,way much important than yours,Sometimes. U can make them feel better by taking their advice or opinion with full of respect. And for sure they will take yours,as well.

Next time...
I'm talking. "Bla,bla,bla,blaa.." then you go like "I care, I care,I care".