here it is guys,

"Written in the Sky". Basically this song is about people who are in a relationship with someone, and they feel like something wrong is going on between them and they feel like giving up, to me, if u having a situation like that, just look up and smile coz all is written in the sky. Get it? tk fhm eh? xpe lah. dgr je eh. :) I wrote this song bebeyyh! haha, ok tgk lah. :)

YEHH, TGK LAH MUKA TU. feel tk feel? haha. okay, hope u like it. :)


Sometimes, I didnt show my feelings to people. I mean I'm not that kind of girl that shows feelings or expression to people whenever they get excited, sad, happy, curious or whatever. Thats just me.(not showing feeling to people) Live with it. so u dont have to say anything like, "Eh, u mcm tk tunjuk je yg you betul betul nk bnde ni" or "Gila tkde feeling kau!" or whateverlah. Itu kau, bkn aku. Itu sahaja. TERIMA KASIH!

that really SHOULD be me, :D

That should be me by JustinBieber.hehe..Ohh, One thing u have to know about this video is, at the end of this vid u will experience a very freakin annoying noise.Just FYI, that noise came from org sbelah punya rumah yg dah bertahun renovate tp tk siap siap lagi. Lama gila, ade la dalam setahun I hidup dalam suasana bising mcm ni. Tp nk buat mcm mne dah rumah dia. But the very sad thing is, my room is directly propotional(mcm fizik pulak da,lol) to the construction yg sedang dijalankan. I saba je. haha, ok anyways...ENJOY! Sorry eh kalau tk sedap or the freakin annoying noise bother you. hehe, Ok, tekan lah PLAY. :)


I looked out through my window this morning,
I felt the wind and thats made me still breathing,
till today,
I stayed up all night,
Just to hear the rain,
Falling from the sky,

You brighten up my day with ur smile,
And I feel so lucky to have u by my side,
This day will make me feel so alone,
but not untill u come along,
come along, by my side, sharing out ur smile, with me all day long..

I feel so empty, with all the tragedies and without u here,
all the thoughts in my mind gone turns to tears,
I stayed up all night
waiting for ur call,
ringing on my phone.

before u left,
I can't stop myself,
from screaming,
ur name.

Y-T :)

I need more peoples attention on this link.Boleh tk? boleh laa.boleh eh?sure?serious aa?betul betul laa?...Ok, so Go to this wonderful-stinky link about me.About things that I LOVE to do. And somehow you can share it with your friends. And hopefully ur friends will share it with their friends, and their friends will share it with the other friends.And the other friends will share it with other-other friends. Get it? HAHA,
P/S: sayasayangorgyangkongsilinkinimacamsayasayangkawansaya. theyarenotstrangerstome.

Here it is..

Ok guys, before u watch this I warn u, this song is not good as TaylorSwift or Ne-yo or any talented song-writers. Biase je lagu ni. So, before this I tried to make a malay song then I asked my lil brother to hear it, and he said, "eeeee,,, gelinya!".. So I hope this song will not make any of you do the same respond like my brother did. so, here it is, "BrightSmile". Ohh, instead of eee-ing(haha,that is not a word.LOL) my vid, give me a BrightSmile, keyhh? and tell me what u think. post it on my FB. Tau tau? hehe..
ohh, and ignore my face. Just listen to the song. haha. ok, ok. enjoy! :)


So, there I was sitting on a chair.In my room. Waiting for my video to upload on YouTube.Then, I double click "BrightSmile" on my desktop then I watched. Lepastu,tbe tbe rase mcm my voice tk sedap. Soo- what I did was, I canceled the video on YouTube yg sedang di-upload.Hehe. BUT, I will record it back. First thing in the morning tomorrow. And I terus upload on my YT channel. Ok, tu je nk cerita. :8)


So, I did record my original song.And its called "Bright Smile"(thanx to NurulShahiraNabila,) But seems like there's a minor prob to upload it. I tried like 10 times.Failed. But anyways,just fyi the video will be on my YouTube Channel a.s.a.p. I'll post it on my blog or my Facebook. But please dont give me any negative comment about it. I'm not a pro like TaylorSwift when it comes to writing songs. But I do write songs. Ok,guys. Thats all. :)