Here it is..

Ok guys, before u watch this I warn u, this song is not good as TaylorSwift or Ne-yo or any talented song-writers. Biase je lagu ni. So, before this I tried to make a malay song then I asked my lil brother to hear it, and he said, "eeeee,,, gelinya!".. So I hope this song will not make any of you do the same respond like my brother did. so, here it is, "BrightSmile". Ohh, instead of eee-ing(haha,that is not a word.LOL) my vid, give me a BrightSmile, keyhh? and tell me what u think. post it on my FB. Tau tau? hehe..
ohh, and ignore my face. Just listen to the song. haha. ok, ok. enjoy! :)