Pray cover. Im loving this song. BTW, at the end of the song i made it up.I mean the bridge part. hehe, i hope it sounds right to u guys. sorry eh kalau tk sedap or anything. ok, click the play button luvies. Enjoy! :)
Dengg! look at my face. HA-HA! ok, tengok lah! :)


Having vaca in Peneng was totally awesome!The hard rock hotel-PARADISE! First I entered the hotel, I was so excited.And and not just excited to see the room-BUT there was a dengg cute Guy standing around the corner.ehhemm. Ok, so there he was managing all the bags. Ohh!BTW,he works there-I mean at the Hard Rock hotel.hehe.Snap! Long-story-short, He's CUTE! back to the having-fun situation. When I first entered, there was a huge purple swirling thingy hung on top of the swimming pool. I was like-AWESOME! so, we checked-in.So basically we spent most of our time in the hotel.Because the hotel provided so many activities. And there's a Teens-room, which is for teens. There's a wii,PS,PC,TV and stuff.I had a very great time there. Thanx ma-daddy. :) So, the story doesn't end there guys, the next day we went to the Hard Rock cafe to celebrate my dad's birthday. TAPI, his birthday not until the 16th.At that time,it was 13th.HAHA. Anyways, there was a live band performing that night.(actually every night they perform.)So, mama request lagu for daddy.tapi time tu band tk dtg lagi, so tunggu la. dah lame sgt tunggu, alya pon penat.and die nk balik hotel. so my mum bwk lah die. Yg tinggal my dad, akif,farhan and me.Then, the band da sampai. lama sikit, i pon penat,then balik.akif pulak sakit perut, die pon balik. So, tinggal my dad n farhan je. After a while, they got back to the hotel room. And kiteorg tanye lah, diorg main tk lagu yg mama request, then farhan ckp "tak!sakit hati je tunggu!" hmm. ok. so the rest of the story is unwritten. All I can remember is I had a great time with my family. Yeyy! :) ohh, and that CUTE guy, has a band. He played the guitar and the vocalist in the band.RAWRR! Hot. hehe.He said that he's coming to KL, tp ntah bila pulak kan.The band called-emmm, .........hehe, can't tell yahh. :)


HELLO! dah lame kan tk post.hehe, ohh, i think some of u already heard my down to earth cover kan?and, some of u belum, tp memandangkan lirik yg saya nyanyikan itu salah dan bilangan org yg tgk pon SEDIKIT, jadi saye buatlah balek. saje je, bosan. so down to earth yg baru record ni is uploading, n i really hope u guys go and watch it, i'll post it on my blog or facebook just to inform u its uploaded. meanwhile, u guys go and watch my down to earth cover yg lame itu.kalau nk i warn u, its a little bit too fast. i mean, the way i sang it.HA-HA,maklum lah. time tu baaaru pndai main guitar. :) and u guys compare lah nnti yg mane lagi okay. kalau mahu, :) THANK YOU! the big L-O-V-E from me to you. :)

here it is guys,

"Written in the Sky". Basically this song is about people who are in a relationship with someone, and they feel like something wrong is going on between them and they feel like giving up, to me, if u having a situation like that, just look up and smile coz all is written in the sky. Get it? tk fhm eh? xpe lah. dgr je eh. :) I wrote this song bebeyyh! haha, ok tgk lah. :)

YEHH, TGK LAH MUKA TU. feel tk feel? haha. okay, hope u like it. :)


Sometimes, I didnt show my feelings to people. I mean I'm not that kind of girl that shows feelings or expression to people whenever they get excited, sad, happy, curious or whatever. Thats just me.(not showing feeling to people) Live with it. so u dont have to say anything like, "Eh, u mcm tk tunjuk je yg you betul betul nk bnde ni" or "Gila tkde feeling kau!" or whateverlah. Itu kau, bkn aku. Itu sahaja. TERIMA KASIH!

that really SHOULD be me, :D

That should be me by JustinBieber.hehe..Ohh, One thing u have to know about this video is, at the end of this vid u will experience a very freakin annoying noise.Just FYI, that noise came from org sbelah punya rumah yg dah bertahun renovate tp tk siap siap lagi. Lama gila, ade la dalam setahun I hidup dalam suasana bising mcm ni. Tp nk buat mcm mne dah rumah dia. But the very sad thing is, my room is directly propotional(mcm fizik pulak da,lol) to the construction yg sedang dijalankan. I saba je. haha, ok anyways...ENJOY! Sorry eh kalau tk sedap or the freakin annoying noise bother you. hehe, Ok, tekan lah PLAY. :)