in ur face!

OHH-SNAPPP! This is so cool. Basically this is for @#$% who think that JustinBieber is a gay,untalented,sang like a girl or what so ever. Ohh,same goes to the guys who thought the same thing! In-Your-Face,Losers! HAHA. -IHeartYouBieber.


Please,Please,Please! I want it so badly. uhh.. :( Look,how sexy and cute is that blackberry.


He tweeted : justinbieber "I get asked all the time would I date a fan and my answer I would date whoever I fall IN LOVE with, and yes that could be a fan."

p/s: Just keep on dreaming Amanna.. Its not gonna happen. yeahh! :D
"Support me if u want. But dont stop me from what I want. Singing is what I want." -AmannaRezal


"If Justin Bieber comes to Malaysia,I would die sit in the front row of the concert. UHH,Biebes!can u just come to Malaysia already. LOL!" If I were in the concert like the photo tells, And that was my hand,GOD!I would cry..

P/S: Then, I realized..It was only just a dream.. :) It might come true though! Who's with me?HAHA.


"If a guy said that he doesn't want to be friends with you anymore,
It means that he wants to be MORE than just a friend.
Just read between the line."

To Fatin :

Go to my YouTube Channel and u can watch the vid sisters that we made. I love you! :)



Lambert's scream.
Bieber's high note.
Swift's songs lyrics.
Lovato's and Lott's voice.
Bieber's down to earth,funny,cool-style,unique hair flick, and HANDSOME-CUTE-SEXYHH face.
Jasmine V's and Bieber's,both fans-loving.(Retweet ,Follow back or Reply all of their fans on twitter).

Over-all I love musician who loves their fans back. Not just by saying "I Love my fans" but, show it. And really mean it.

Ok,I'm out. I LOVE music.

i do. :)

Feeling very BLESSED. Feeling GREAT, Feeling PURE to have A LIFE.
I mean,if we Compared to people who says "I have NO LIFE" God,that is soo-sad.
So, u also should love ur life. I mean like, duhh!


Whenever I feel bored,I'll take my phone and snap photos.Of anything. Even in the middle of the mall I dare myself to take cool-photos. The result, not so cool lah kan?I know.
Btw,Thanks to Farhan Rezal for letting me borrow his cool-styled shoes. I Love You!


DREAM,DREAM,DREAM! I have a dream. I am dreaming. I love dream. I'm addict to dream. I'll live in the dream, someday.

keep on
hold on to the FAITH,
keep on TRYING,
have some HOPE,
and don't EVER forget to PRAY.

I believed in every single things that I wrote up there. :)
And I strongly believe in myself that I have no doubt to make my dream become a reality.
I Do,baby.

ShyShy.Dont cry. Huh?haha

Hye, so I just want to let u guys know that I am not comfortable when it comes to socialize with people.I'm very weak in doing something like that.Sadly,it will be a major gossip about me being so boast.I'm not ignoring people, it just that I'm not very good in mingle - thingy.Bukan tk suke, I would love to - but..uhh, its hard. So, whenever u guys bumped into me, smile.HAHA, tk nk pon tkpe. I'll understand, completely. Just that, please dont give any disgusting thoughts about me. I tried my hardest to be better though.
Haa...lagi satu! I'm very low in self-confidence. My confident only proved whenever I was alone in my room.HAHA,crazy?I know.But thousands of people has the same problem like me kan.So,I'm not that weird.
So, why not we understand each other problems. It will make peace, and no war or making bad thoughts about other people behavior. Kan?kan? IloveYou.You,and YOU!
And I'm sorry if u guys felt annoyed about my silent-ness and shy-ness. Sorry Eh?Once, I get to know u better, I'll change. Serious.

Gigi, :D

Ape ni? nk tau? tk pyah laa.hmm,nk jugak?ok. Sebenanye kalau nk tau yg bnde hijau ade senyuman nmpk gigi tu hasil kerja Amanna Rezal.At that time, I was so bored(ni dkt skola.dlm kelas.Kedudukan : sebelah alya gedik.depan aini dan fira.)Guru bahasa melayu sedang sibuk mengajar di depan,Amanna Rezal sedang sibuk membuat karya seninye tersenidri di belakang. I didn't mean to ignore my BM teacher,but I cant stop my hands from doing something else - something more fun compared to paying attention to my BM teacher.I know,its rude what I did. Sorry,Pn.A. So what I did,I drew a huge smile on a green paper to represent how happy I am doing some art.And the result,tk lah seberape. "I know you are just faking ur smile", its actually dedicated to no-one. Saje je tulis. hehe. ok,lah. Tu je sebenanye nk cerita.tak best pon kan?sorry la kalo tk best.Just wanna share my story to u guys.Terima kasih bnyk2 bace. Selalu-selalu lah bukak blog ni, for new not-so-important stories. Seriously, read my blog more often. Ok? :D



Justin french song. Sexyhhh.

OMG! One less lonely girl in FRENCH! how sexy,right?I know! haha. Sing along,if u can guys. Its like tongue twister. Just follow the lyrics. Semoga berjaya. :D

Bace je lahhh.. #2

Menurut pandangan Amanna Rezal, lelaki ni ade bnyk jenis. Ade yg ego die telebih,ade yg terkurang.Nk tahu lebih lanjut, ikuti cerita ini.....
....Boys can't easily describe.There are boys who love to treat women with respect.Which is good.But the way they treated them,can be missed understood by the girls. Girls can easily-uhhh..what we call that, ha!cair or they might thought that the boy felt something special for her.Biaselah tuu..So, girls also should beware of boys like that.U might get hurt.Senang cerita,jgn senang tersuka atau lebih jiwang,terjatuh hati dkt someone..(eee..)
Lagi satu,boys should not treat girls melebih-lebih.I mean like, u barely know her.U know nothing about her,And u want something serious between u and her.Slow down,dude! U dont know whether she likes u or not.So dont rush rush ehh.Get to know her first,then u can jiwang-jiwang.IF the girl let u to do-so.kalau tk,tk pyah la.kawan mcm biase sudah.
To me,I hate boys who wants to know ape yg I tgh buat 24/7.EE!rimas.Mind ur own life la dude.Sikit2 text,"hye,tgh buat ape?" least tk pyh la slalu sgt bertanyakan bnde yg same.Boleh text,serious jgn lah smpai 24/7. Ehh? :),tkde kesimpulan kot.Entah laa,hehe. Whatever it is,boys dont treat girls over sgt,and girls dont easily fall for boys that u barely known.

*p/s: Ini hnye pandangan drpd Amanna Rezal sahaja. Don't get it wrong. Ok,byebye BEAUTIFUL and HANDSOME! :)

Nak tengokk!

Justin Bieber CSI sneak peek. He shared to the TeenVogue mag on his interview:
“It seems like I’m this sweet and innocent kid, and then it turns out I’m the mastermind behind everything.” Naughty boy!But in a cute way. Hee.. Listen carefully to his voice when he says, "I Dont have anything to do with the bomb, I swear." I think he sounds sexy! Dont you? Or maybe just me. Well, click the link below to watch. :)

Jasmine V.

After I watched all of her videos, I think I've became her fan. She's so sweet and kind. Jasmine Villegas.

untitled ..


Bace je lahh..

.......Two best friends walking on the beach.A boy,and A girl(they're not together). As they enjoying the view, suddenly........

B:"Hey, u know what? ever since I know u,I think u are beautiful,kind,smart......."
G:"Uhh? Whats up with u? Are u high or something?
B:"No!I'm not."
G:"Then, why r u acting weird?"
B:"I'm just saying."
G:"U're weird"
B:"Well, even I'm weird I'm still ur friend. Rite?"
G:"Uhh, yeah.sure."
B:"yeah, thats my girl"
G:"Haha,yeah. Ur girl."
B:"ohh,I'm sorry.I mean, Thats my friend! hehe."
G:"No,I am ur girl.Idiot."
B:"You know what, I think u have problem with ur attitude"
G:"Ohh,I'm sorry.Did I hurt ur feelings?"
B:"yeah, kinda."
G:"Awwh!Well, who cares?!"
G:"Come here, u egg head! I Love u, u know that right."
B:"yeah, I know."
G:"Good, so lets get some ice-cream."
B:"Ok, ur treat."
G:"Uhh, fine. But u have to admit that u're an ugly ass boy"
G:"well, u want ice-cream or not?"
B:"Fine! I'm ugly ass boy"
G:"HAHAHAHAHA!Thanx dude!"
B:"yeah, whatever"
G:"I am so lucky to have u"
B:"Yeah, I know. So do I"
G:"You know we're gonna be friends like forever,rite?"
B:"Of coz! R u kidding me?I would die if we're not."
G:"Yeah,I know.Neither do I."
......They both walking together on the beach towards the ice-cream guy with laughter joys them.

*P/S: seriously, I have no idea why the hell I wrote this post. Haha, tahpape kan? yeah, I know. Sape suruh bace kalau tahpape? BOO-OO! hehe, just kidding. Well, thanx for reading btw.


Honestly, cerita ni best glaa.. Seriously. For those yg tk tgk lg, u guys should watch it! Haha, sje nk promote. Tahpape kan? btw, tgk la. Its sooo-cool. All the dance moves-SICK! Ok, dahh. BYE. Sekian.

Ohh, I love U.......

My one and only DREAM is the only reason I still believe in HOPE and FAITH.

I'll keep on DREAMING,
I'll stop when it becomes REALITY.

I want everyone to hear my VOICE,
I'll raise my voice till the end.
Forever and Always.


I made a new cover. Butterfly fly away by Miley Cyrus. Its an old song Yeah I know. I hope u guys like it. Do let me know what do u think by leaving a comment,rate or subscribe(for those who have an acc on YouTube) Terima Kasih. :)

heyyLo. :D

Hye, nothing to say. Its 0115 in the morning. I can't sleep.But I have to. Uhh, thats all.Thank you for stopping by. I LOVE You. Not you. HA-HA, no lah its you. Yeah, Im talking to u. I said I LOVE You, you didn't hear me or what? Can u just say I LOVE You back to me. Its simple. Just three words. What?! You can't say it?! Why? Ohh, yeah. Of coz. I'm a stranger to u. Who the hell would say I LOVE You to strangers, aite? Stupid. Haha, so thanx again for read this meaningless post. Bye, HANDSOME and BEAUTIFUL.

Bieber's VMA's Moment.

He arrived at the VMA"S.

He got out of the car. Thousands of girls chased him. OMG! How wild was that.

The biggest performance that i've been waiting for. That was AWESOME!

Kenny always by his side. Awwhh!

He's soo-cool! He knew that. HA-HA.

At the white carpet with Usher. Looking good Bieber. Not bad for u too,Usher. :)

Backstage with some of the MALE Beliebers.Ha-Ha. JB looking good with those weird face. He's 16, dont bother with that awkward face. It's cool!

Justin bieber won the BEST NEW ARTIST for this year. He also tweeted to all his fans by saying "Biggest THANK U in the WORLD to the Greatest Fans in the World!! We Did It 2Gether and We are Just getting Started!!! I LOVE U!! Thank U!!".

*Thanx for reading my blog guys. LOVE

Taylor Swift - Mine (Julia Sheer ft. Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Music ...

This song is so cute. Can't get enough of it. Lagi-lagi, the girl in this video own a very beautiful voice! Loved it. :) Enjoy Guys. LOVE


Justin Bieber on CSI. And his making a movie directed by who? I dont know. But the movie is about his life before he become a huge star on Hollywood. I think. I just watched E!News. They didn't spilled much about the movie. So, all the beliebers have to wait till the movie's out to find out more. Im so excited. There's lot going on. I mean his only 16, da buat movie la itu la ini laaa.. kan? so lucky!I hope he wont do drugs, bcoz bole je kalo da stress sgt mula la jd drug addict. Its Hollywood Baby! Anything can happen. It doesn't matter his young or old. Justin Bieber dont do drugs, Ok? Ha-ha. Ok, bye. ILY :)

Hee, love u guys.

Seseselamat Hari Raya darlingsss... :) ILY

Performing Live!

Justin Bieber gonna perform live at the VMA's Guys! Its gonna be totally wild. I bet all the beliebers are so freakin' excited about his performance at the VMA's.So dont forget to catch it on the 13th of sept on MTV. Its live people! And Bieber might win an award for the best new artist. Back then, he was just a poor lil boy singing on a stair-case.Now, about a year after that he become a talented singer who will be performing at the VMA's.VMA's is a big event for a 16 year-old boy to perform his own songs. And yet,he get a chance to win an award. How cool is that? sooo-totally cool..

Hi, Nice to meet You!

Yeah! You got that right. So, some people said that I'm a weird kind of person. Well, Boo-you. The only thing that is weird right now is how u judged people.Well, the major reason why people called me weird maybe because they barely know me.True,I'm not friendly,and a little bit shy at first. Like my brother said,"Muka amanna ketat ohh.tu la org ckp amanna sombong." Yeah, sooo-? Ok, fine. SORRY people if my face is ketat.But that's just how I make myself feel just fine. So, here's a thing, if u see me or u wanna be my friend, u just say hi. But u guys have to know that I'm not friendly.But,I will once you get to know me better. And I LOVE to have a new friends.Seriously. Once u be my friend, forever u'll be my friend. ILY! :)

What A day!

Today( Thurs,2nd Sept),
I woke up at 12 o'clock. My head was killing me. Yeahh,I didn't go to school. So, what I did today... After I woke up, I mandi, gosok gigi, blablabla.. Then, I ddk ats katil looking around, Stare at my teddy, then suddenly rase ngantuk so tdo la balek.. At 4pm baaaaru i bgn. Bpk lame ohh tdo. So basically, I slept that long because what happened yesterday.

Yesterday(Wed,1 Sept),

At 11pm, the whole family took off to send my sister to KLIA. Dia nk balek moscow kan. Her flight was at 2.55 am. Lmbt nk mam kan?HA-HA,i know. So, after she checked-in, we went to McD.(still in the building laa). We ate burgers and some fries. About 30 min after that my sister had to go to the gate sbb kawan die sume dah masuk. So all of us took our turn to hug her or kiss her or whatever lahh kan. Like my sister said " Tk payah nk nangis, just imagine along nk balek P.C(her mrsm)jee.." :) So, I faked my smile. Inside, seriously I'm crying. Then, she left......

At home(The same day)..
We arrived at home at 3 o'clock. I went to my room. First, tk rase pape, after a minute I was like, "Huh??kosongnye bilik nii.. where's along.Knp katil die kosong?sape nk tdo dgn hana mlm ni?...." then, I cried. So, i went to my parents room, then i slept there.

So here it goes..."I LOVE YOU FATIN, I MISS YOU ALREADY. I'LL ALWAYS PRAY FOR UR SAFETY,HEALTH,and etc EVERY SINGLE DAY. Take care of urself.Its Moscow babe, beware of every single steps that u take there.. :)"