Hi, Nice to meet You!

Yeah! You got that right. So, some people said that I'm a weird kind of person. Well, Boo-you. The only thing that is weird right now is how u judged people.Well, the major reason why people called me weird maybe because they barely know me.True,I'm not friendly,and a little bit shy at first. Like my brother said,"Muka amanna ketat ohh.tu la org ckp amanna sombong." Yeah, sooo-? Ok, fine. SORRY people if my face is ketat.But that's just how I make myself feel just fine. So, here's a thing, if u see me or u wanna be my friend, u just say hi. But u guys have to know that I'm not friendly.But,I will once you get to know me better. And I LOVE to have a new friends.Seriously. Once u be my friend, forever u'll be my friend. ILY! :)