What A day!

Today( Thurs,2nd Sept),
I woke up at 12 o'clock. My head was killing me. Yeahh,I didn't go to school. So, what I did today... After I woke up, I mandi, gosok gigi, blablabla.. Then, I ddk ats katil looking around, Stare at my teddy, then suddenly rase ngantuk so tdo la balek.. At 4pm baaaaru i bgn. Bpk lame ohh tdo. So basically, I slept that long because what happened yesterday.

Yesterday(Wed,1 Sept),

At 11pm, the whole family took off to send my sister to KLIA. Dia nk balek moscow kan. Her flight was at 2.55 am. Lmbt nk mam kan?HA-HA,i know. So, after she checked-in, we went to McD.(still in the building laa). We ate burgers and some fries. About 30 min after that my sister had to go to the gate sbb kawan die sume dah masuk. So all of us took our turn to hug her or kiss her or whatever lahh kan. Like my sister said " Tk payah nk nangis, just imagine along nk balek P.C(her mrsm)jee.." :) So, I faked my smile. Inside, seriously I'm crying. Then, she left......

At home(The same day)..
We arrived at home at 3 o'clock. I went to my room. First, tk rase pape, after a minute I was like, "Huh??kosongnye bilik nii.. where's along.Knp katil die kosong?sape nk tdo dgn hana mlm ni?...." then, I cried. So, i went to my parents room, then i slept there.

So here it goes..."I LOVE YOU FATIN, I MISS YOU ALREADY. I'LL ALWAYS PRAY FOR UR SAFETY,HEALTH,and etc EVERY SINGLE DAY. Take care of urself.Its Moscow babe, beware of every single steps that u take there.. :)"