The last Night. :')

Ok, Its 1.37 am. And I'm still up. You wanna know why? So this is why. My sister Fatin, n I went to the kitchen and we ate cupcakes. Its so good,Seriously. Well, my best friend gave me the cupcakes. She baked.OMG!Nurul Shahira Nabila does know how to bake,People!And the result is so good.Sedap kot die buat. Ok, basically im still up because tonight is the last night for me to have some L.O.L with Fatin. She's going back to Moscow tomorrow(wed, 1 sept). It has been about 2 months since she got back from Moscow for her summer holiday.
What we did tonight:
* Ate cupcakes.
* L.O.L with each other.
* Drank some sirap.
* Have a chat with our dad.
* Pakai kan Fatin inai.
* Kena marah dgn Kak Win. :D HA-HA

So, here some of the pictures that i captured during the last L.O.L night. Ohh, and we did laugh every single time we spoke or talk about something. Well,laughing is an exercise to decrease the stress yg kite alami. Just FYI, to those who think we are crazy for laughing all the time without any particular reasons. Ohh,here it is........

From the top : Pkai kan fatin inai, Daddy minum air sambil borak dgn kami, Sirap yg dituang oleh Fatin Rezal, Cupcakes before n after a bite. :D

Hehe, Thanx guys for baca my boring story. Layan je laa, kann? :) ILY.