I Captured This..

In my mind, I pictured that we were together in this beautiful moment. All the troubles, left behind. All the pressure, blown away with a single joy of laugh. All the pain, gone. All the fears, locked in a dark-room. All the tears, no longer running down through our cheeks. The moment was full of happiness and joy. There was no trouble that haunted us.
Then, in a blink of an eye.... The moments that we had, GONE. Its like a storm suddenly came, without a warning. No one thought that this day would come. All the troubles,the pressure, the pain, the fears, the tears, are back just like that,and out of no where. Sounds crazy. Well, it is crazy. There's no LOVE between us now. Its just unfair that we're apart now. I miss You.All of you. Dont bother, I am not hopping You guys to admit that you miss me too.

Just, FYI. :)

What Can I say.. I Love you.

......First, I had crush on you. Then I like you. After that,I like you deeper. A few seconds, I adore every single thing that you do. The next thing, I found out that I LOVE You. The problem is, Can I Love you? Dude(!) come on. Obviously I can't. Duhh!

But, I can always make you as my friend right?RIGHT?! Even we are friends, it doesn't mean that I can fake my feelings for you. * mmg besokk..

I hate this feeling. How can i make it go away,huhh? *stupid

.....Dear Love, I have something to tell you. I feel so bless that you're exist. But please dont make it so hard for me to learn what is LOVE really means. Even you think its fun to watch people get hurt, threw their tears on the floor, lose their hope for a better life, feeling down for the rest of their life.. but you have to know all this happened because of you, LOVE. But on the other hand, there is good thing about love. I bet all human being knows what it is,right? So, please.. :)
p/s: I LOVE YOU ,

When you walk by...

Do you have a crush on someone? Do they make ur heart beat faster and slower at the same time? Do u smile when He or She walk by?Can u stop smiling when you saw Him or Her around the school building? Are you screaming inside when He or She look at you? Do you want to get to know that person deeply? Will you love Him or Her with all ur heart if You guys in relationship? Do you feel alone if She or He is not around? Do you feel down if She or He does not even notice you when u walk by? Do you feel like u're dying when you saw Him or Her with other person? Tell me,

This is what i felt. If u have a crush on someone, its normal of coz! Well, we are teens. Everybody has this feeling. Some of them turn it into a secret, And some of them love to share it with the person who She or He trusts the most, BFF(s) for sure.So,When the person that you had crush on is standing next to you,can you breath? Well, if the person that I had crush on is standing next to me i can barely breath, honestly. Do ur crush make you smile even when u're not in a good mood?Yea, my answer is YES. Do you see anyone else but him if u stand in a crowd? Em,NOPE.Only Him. Do you think he's the one that can make you feel happy?Yes,sometimes. Would you rather fight with someone else to win ur crush's heart?No.Wait! YES.

Dude(!) this is the problem. If your crush already has a girlfriend, you batter back off and find someone else. You will make it worst if you decided not to move on. You might get in trouble, and I'm sure its not a big deal to move on and like someone else. I mean, its just a crush.

What If..

What if, I have a big DREAM in my whole life. Can I make it true? What if, people said that my dream will not be a reality.Would i still chase my dream? What if I try my hardest to grab my dream. Could I see "Im living the dream" in the future? What if someone stops me from chasing my dream.Is my life over just like that?

All the questions always "popped" in my head out of no where. Everybody loves to dream out loud,aite? There's a possible way to make it happen for all kind of dreams. We can make it happen,no matter how long it takes,though. Dream as hard as you can, babyy.

I love playing my guitar. Actually its my father's. And I love to sing. That's my dream, you just have to read between the line. People always said that, "Do what you really love to do, It'll make you happy." And thats the thing that i really love to do. And its my dream. So, people (!) If you have a dream, no matter how impossible you think it is to make it true, just believe that it will become true someday,somehow.. :) Weeee...

Im on Youtube.

Actually I'm new on youtube.Hehe.And,You guys can check me out on my Youtube channel. I put my link at the "contact me on:" side Hee. Thanx!

Lyrics equal to song.

If you know the lyrics, Then u will know the song. If you dont know the word, then you may have the right to remain silent. If you know nothing, You have no right to judge. So, if u know me, u wont tell anything bad about me. If u nice to me, I'll be good to you. If u envy me, I'll be evil to you. Its simple than u think. People do have a feeling for something or someone, but sometimes the feelings might be wrong to show in public. And sometimes the feelings has to be a secret for ur own good. Dont easily follow ur emotion instead of ur mind. You might get stupid if you follow ur emotion. Just control it and you have a big chance to live. Let people love you, not hate you. :)