When you walk by...

Do you have a crush on someone? Do they make ur heart beat faster and slower at the same time? Do u smile when He or She walk by?Can u stop smiling when you saw Him or Her around the school building? Are you screaming inside when He or She look at you? Do you want to get to know that person deeply? Will you love Him or Her with all ur heart if You guys in relationship? Do you feel alone if She or He is not around? Do you feel down if She or He does not even notice you when u walk by? Do you feel like u're dying when you saw Him or Her with other person? Tell me,

This is what i felt. If u have a crush on someone, its normal of coz! Well, we are teens. Everybody has this feeling. Some of them turn it into a secret, And some of them love to share it with the person who She or He trusts the most, BFF(s) for sure.So,When the person that you had crush on is standing next to you,can you breath? Well, if the person that I had crush on is standing next to me i can barely breath, honestly. Do ur crush make you smile even when u're not in a good mood?Yea, my answer is YES. Do you see anyone else but him if u stand in a crowd? Em,NOPE.Only Him. Do you think he's the one that can make you feel happy?Yes,sometimes. Would you rather fight with someone else to win ur crush's heart?No.Wait! YES.

Dude(!) this is the problem. If your crush already has a girlfriend, you batter back off and find someone else. You will make it worst if you decided not to move on. You might get in trouble, and I'm sure its not a big deal to move on and like someone else. I mean, its just a crush.