What If..

What if, I have a big DREAM in my whole life. Can I make it true? What if, people said that my dream will not be a reality.Would i still chase my dream? What if I try my hardest to grab my dream. Could I see "Im living the dream" in the future? What if someone stops me from chasing my dream.Is my life over just like that?

All the questions always "popped" in my head out of no where. Everybody loves to dream out loud,aite? There's a possible way to make it happen for all kind of dreams. We can make it happen,no matter how long it takes,though. Dream as hard as you can, babyy.

I love playing my guitar. Actually its my father's. And I love to sing. That's my dream, you just have to read between the line. People always said that, "Do what you really love to do, It'll make you happy." And thats the thing that i really love to do. And its my dream. So, people (!) If you have a dream, no matter how impossible you think it is to make it true, just believe that it will become true someday,somehow.. :) Weeee...