What Can I say.. I Love you.

......First, I had crush on you. Then I like you. After that,I like you deeper. A few seconds, I adore every single thing that you do. The next thing, I found out that I LOVE You. The problem is, Can I Love you? Dude(!) come on. Obviously I can't. Duhh!

But, I can always make you as my friend right?RIGHT?! Even we are friends, it doesn't mean that I can fake my feelings for you. * mmg besokk..

I hate this feeling. How can i make it go away,huhh? *stupid

.....Dear Love, I have something to tell you. I feel so bless that you're exist. But please dont make it so hard for me to learn what is LOVE really means. Even you think its fun to watch people get hurt, threw their tears on the floor, lose their hope for a better life, feeling down for the rest of their life.. but you have to know all this happened because of you, LOVE. But on the other hand, there is good thing about love. I bet all human being knows what it is,right? So, please.. :)
p/s: I LOVE YOU ,