I Captured This..

In my mind, I pictured that we were together in this beautiful moment. All the troubles, left behind. All the pressure, blown away with a single joy of laugh. All the pain, gone. All the fears, locked in a dark-room. All the tears, no longer running down through our cheeks. The moment was full of happiness and joy. There was no trouble that haunted us.
Then, in a blink of an eye.... The moments that we had, GONE. Its like a storm suddenly came, without a warning. No one thought that this day would come. All the troubles,the pressure, the pain, the fears, the tears, are back just like that,and out of no where. Sounds crazy. Well, it is crazy. There's no LOVE between us now. Its just unfair that we're apart now. I miss You.All of you. Dont bother, I am not hopping You guys to admit that you miss me too.

Just, FYI. :)