I'm talking. "Bla,bla,bla,blaa.." then you go like. "dont care,dont care,dont care".

Sometimes, things that come out from peoples mouth's matter, idiots! You have to give them some time. Dont act like a selfish crap who put a gum in their ears. Stupid. Let people give u some opinion.If u dont like it just refuse gently. Yea,they just trying to help u out by giving their opinion. Dont think that only your feeling thats matter.WRONG! Everyone's feeling also matter. Yet,way much important than yours,Sometimes. U can make them feel better by taking their advice or opinion with full of respect. And for sure they will take yours,as well.

Next time...
I'm talking. "Bla,bla,bla,blaa.." then you go like "I care, I care,I care".