Stop it, Before you get Stupid.

You talk too much. You think you're cool enough to judge people. You think other people are annoying to you. You feel like all the rules must proved by you. You make your own rules without people's opinion. The way you walk, you think you're tall enough to step on people's head. The way you bossing people around make me wanna puke on ur ugly face. You never say sorry if you make mistakes to other people. You never say thank u every single time people helped you solved ur stupid problem. Come on, dont be like this. I know u're better than this. I know deep down inside u are a wonderful,kind, yet loving person. So, let it show. Dont show the ugly side of you. People wouldn't want that. Think before you act. Dont make yourself look like a dippy. Make a change to yourself. Please, seriously! If you don't want to, and thats fine to me. But you will not go far. And if people starts to hate you, dont blame me. Think for yourself.