I like you! So this is what happened. This guy, I like him. But its kinda weird because of some reasons,lah kan. You dont need to know. Die handsomme.Tetapi,kata org die ni playboy. His name is ehhem, born on ehhem ehhem, study at ehhem ehhem ehhem. Of coz all the ehhemm's u dont need to know lah. Just trying to make a joke,tp tk jd. I know!So back to the story,, This guy is really,truly,deeply kind.I mean like inside and out.I think he never meant to be a playboy.But he's a guy,of coz la playboy.(I understand..) At first, tk ske pon mamat ni. But after a while, in the middle of nowhere my heart was like,"Dude!You're so cute.I like you,I like you!" HA-HA. So stupid.
So, yeahh! I like you. Dahh,byebye. Ohh, btw he's wayy older than me. eh,not that old.But he's older lah. hehe.. READ THIS: I like You. Not you but the guy in this story. :)