ShyShy.Dont cry. Huh?haha

Hye, so I just want to let u guys know that I am not comfortable when it comes to socialize with people.I'm very weak in doing something like that.Sadly,it will be a major gossip about me being so boast.I'm not ignoring people, it just that I'm not very good in mingle - thingy.Bukan tk suke, I would love to - but..uhh, its hard. So, whenever u guys bumped into me, smile.HAHA, tk nk pon tkpe. I'll understand, completely. Just that, please dont give any disgusting thoughts about me. I tried my hardest to be better though.
Haa...lagi satu! I'm very low in self-confidence. My confident only proved whenever I was alone in my room.HAHA,crazy?I know.But thousands of people has the same problem like me kan.So,I'm not that weird.
So, why not we understand each other problems. It will make peace, and no war or making bad thoughts about other people behavior. Kan?kan? IloveYou.You,and YOU!
And I'm sorry if u guys felt annoyed about my silent-ness and shy-ness. Sorry Eh?Once, I get to know u better, I'll change. Serious.