This is what happened IF..

Ur ex's exs suddenly brought up the past from the past. HAHA, the first sentence pon dah confuse kan? Seriously all this crap is giving me nothing. Yes, I shouldn't trust the person that I never met.But how can I trust u after u had promise me such things and u blew it,in other word-LIED. In fact, ure a BOY. Why in the world I should trust you?Hell no! Yes,I said bad things about you.But u did the same,u told ur exS bad things about me. Clearly we all did the same. But u talked bad things about me behind my back.And that made u even more evil.I mean, at least u knew what I said about you, like on my status. Yehh, its about u.Opps, sorry. but u deserves it though. Seriously, all this b******t make me wanna puke. Entah pape, obviously this is what we call cinta monyet.EWWWW!! To me, having a relationship with someone at this young age is soo-not worth it. As it for you(boy), saba eh. Jangan nk menggatal sgt lah. I think in a year you changed ur gf about-uhh-three to five times. I think. HA-HA,please la.Im glad that this is over. Oh btw, Sure, we can be friends.But u r my friend who hardly can be trusted, or cannot be trusted at all.never-ever-ever-ever. Like I said, I Should not trust a boy, even we had something. Senang cerita, u never were or was mine. I dont know u. haa, that's more I like it,