I .... you

I miss u. I miss u comfort me whenever I feel sad. I miss you giggling around withe me till 2am. I miss the most annoying voice of urs.I miss every single conversation with you. I miss u being so pervert towards me.(I know its sounds disgusting.) I miss ur ugly smile.I miss ur sweet-kind-loving smile. I miss ur advice in life. I miss ur over-reacting moment. I miss the moment when u tickled me till I fell off my bed. I miss the sound of u typing ur lap-top in the freakin' morning, u love to on9 at late nite till morning. I miss the sound of u chewing foods in ur mouth,and God!that is sooo-annoying. I miss ur laugh. I miss ur fart. I miss u every single day,u fat ass! HAHA, I love you. And please take care of urself there. I miss u. :)