HAHA! So here's the thing AMANNA REZAL, BlackBerry is so NOT gonna happen. You wanna know why? Because you will never own one.NEVER! You stuck with ur old phone. Forever.and Because some people said that "budak 16 tahun mne pkai blackberry." Or worst, "baik beli blueberry ke strawberry ke,lg sedap." HA-HA, Stupid joke! This is so not a joke. I know people who read this will think that I'm not thankful for other things that I have in my life right now.YEAH,especially you! I know what are you thinking. But I DONT CARE. As long as I'm happy typing the things that I WANT to say.I dont care at ALL,what are you thinking. This is my blog.And I will post anything that I want. Your job here is to read ONLY. Get it? Uhh,
THANK YOU!(no smiley face)