Just imagine that u want to be a huge and successful talented singer,and there's thousands of people that could help u to make ur dream come true.How would u appreciate them?Just by saying THANK YOU?saying I LOVE YOU but obviously u dont? or What? If I were one of the huge pop-star now-a-days,I will seriously and honestly treat all my supporters with all my heart.Not just ditch or expel them whenever I feel uncomfortable. So, clearly without supporters there will never be a huge-successful-talented person or-what should I say-a STAR.The world would never notice.If u are talented,but never been notice by anyone, its worthless.And if they do noticed u,dont be too arrogant and think that u already at the top.Well,dont blame anyone if tomorrow u're in the basement.You see what I'm trying to say here?
Actually,this is my thoughts and opinion for all the huge stars and huge star-to-be. When u are well known by people dont think that all u do is right and people around u are wrong or make things worst. Dont!

Trust me, I've seen this kind of people. Seriously,it really annoyed me.