M.Zain. :)

Hey guys,
So,I met Maher Zain.And I was soo-calm and was like.."Chill,Maher zain je pon not JustinBieber..' then, BAAMM! He walked in front of me and I was like, "OMG!Its Maher Zain!" Out of no-where, I was very excited at that time.Itu baru Maher Zain, if JB, God!I'll scream,scream,scream and then faint.HAHA,Just kidding. So, as he walked into the studio for the interview,I got off my seat and took my camera out and SNAP,SNAP,SNAP! But,its too crowded.So I waited for my mom.While my mom interview him, I record it in my camera.No,actually it's my mom's camera. So, the interview showed that Maher Zain is totally in love with Malaysia. He loves Malaysia,and hoping to come back more often.He also spilled-out that when he got married,he wanted to go to Malaysia for his honeymoon.But he didn't,but its ok.At least Malaysia were on his 'What to-do list after got married' , though. YEH!Baby,So be PROUD MALAYSIAN. So, all the videos will be upload soon.Not now, though. I would love to share it with u guys,for sure! So, dont forget to check it out ok?And I will let u guys know when the video's out. Ohh, and it will be on my youtube channel. :)